Additional Technical Services


Wachs® simultaneous cold cutting & bevelling

Precision, simultaneous cold cutting, bevelling and weld preparation of pipes up to 20″.

  • Accurate cutting of pipe from 6″ (150mm) to 20″ (500mm) diameter
  • Suitable for all pipe schedules
  • Cuts and bevels at the same time


  • Used on natural gas, crude product and fuel lines
  • Machining in hostile conditions for pipeline maintenance and repair
  • Completely sealed and self-lubricating closed loop system
  • Operates anywhere air or hydraulic power, horizontal or vertical pipe, in shop or field
  • Suitable for all types of pipe of diameters up to 20″ all machineable materials including carbon & stainless steel, ductile iron, cast iron and most alloys

BES is equipped to handle pipe cutting in three size ranges using WACHS®-branded tools:

  • 2″–6″ for small pipe
  • 6″–12″ for medium pipe
  • 14″–20″ for large pipe

Coupon/Probe Pulling

Field Services Division

Our Field Services Division complements other products and services offered by BES Energy Services in a way that enables us to offer turnkey corrosion monitoring systems. Our team of degreed and factory trained field engineers will ensure successful project implementation and commissioning. After completion, we can help sustain your investment through follow-up activities such as retrofits and maintenance. Some of the many ways in which our Field Services Division can help you are as follows:

  • System and site surveys
  • Installation and commissioning of RCS equipment
  • Corrosion monitoring system troubleshooting and repair
  • Coupon retrieval services and probe retrieval services, and processing
  • Retrofits and hot tapping
  • COSASCO® System training

Please contact us for more information on how we can help preserve the value of your investment.

Rohrback Cosasco corrosion monitoring solutions can be completely integrated into your existing process. Our field services division is experienced in corrosion monitoring implementation.

RBS COSASCO® Two-Inch System Retriever Kit

This tool is an excellent supplement for pipeline corrosion protection. The Rohrback Cosasco Systems RBS Retriever is a precision tool which allows safe, easy insertion and removal of various equipment and tools through a Rohrback Cosasco System Access Fitting – while the pipeline or vessel is under pressure. Used in conjunction with aRohrback Cosasco Systems 6000 Service Valve, the tandem hook-up is designed to allow line working pressure to slowly bleed pressure into the retriever inner assembly as the plug assembly moves off its seat in the Access Fitting Body. The resulting balanced pressure allows easy insertion and retrieval under full operation pressures up to 6000 PSI (41.3 Mpa). A single RBS Retriever and Service Valve can be used for any convenient number of Rohrback Cosasco Systems Access corrosion monitoring points such as in a refinery, producing field or platform. The major components of the RBS Retriever are: a stationary inner barrel; thread adapter; moveable outer barrel and mandrel rod; and socket adapter assembly. Sealing within the unit is achieved with Viton O-rings, Teflon® back-up rings, and graphite impregnated Tefton® seals. This tool provides complete support for internal corrosion monitoring.

For more information on options for pipeline corrosion protection contact BES today.

Offshore Accommodation/Offices

Short/long-term rental of A60 offshore accommodation modules, also available for sale at competitive rates.

Specialist Services™ modular buildings

Specialist Services provides the oilfield market a comprehensive range of modular buildings. These cover all oil applications from geophysical exploration through to drilling and on to downstream refining.
The key to the success of these products is the build quality. All buildings are built with the harsh oilfield environment in mind — constant transportation, rough use, varied electrical inputs, different regulations and geographical conditions.

Technical Support

Modules are supplied to the world market and technically supported out of Dubai, Singapore and Aberdeen. Specialist Services provides all the major oilfield services companies in all regional markets and has thus developed a constant support structure for clients. Their team is dedicated to providing a product that is flexible and reliable, with the best after-sales support available in the industry. Roving support technicians are available for telephone support and call-out on a 24 hour basis.

Specialist Services keeps a complete database of all units built and refurbished and now offers a maintenance service that advises its client of re-certification requirements and preventative maintenance schedules. All units have a comprehensive data book including as-built drawings, certificates and vendor data on products installed.

Specialist Services has developed, tested and certified a complete range of products geared to the Oilfield Drilling and Exploration Industry regulations and environment. These include but are not limited to the supply of Wellhead Buildings for Wireline, Measurement While Drilling (MWD), Mudlogging, STE, Coring, Drillers Control Rooms etc. Built to the highest international codes (DNV / EN / BS / SOLAS / ABS) these modules are designed to be highly flexible and robust for use throughout the world.


  • Zone 1 and 2 or Class 1 Div 1 or 2
  • DNV 2.7-1 or BS EN12079 and 2.7-2
  • CE Marked and ATEX Compliant

Modules are built in accordance with all Marine and Offshore Regulations including the above. All modules are certified by the clients preferred Third Party Surveyors. All components used are certified by the relevant surveyors such as Lloyds, USCG, ABS etc.

Modules are specifically designed to operate in all regions of the world, conforming with all territory regulations. Specialist Services has supplied units to all the continents of the world and is aware of most regional regulations that apply to this product. Units are built to each customers design but with our own technical experience on structural, electrical and HVAC systems.

Pressurised units are installed with in-house designed and built HVAC systems which operate in temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees to plus 50 degrees Celsius and humidity of up to 90%. The system is designed around simplicity and reliability with most units having a recommended two prime systems installed. It is easily maintained and operated with emphasis on low maintenance. Should it be required the system can be built as modules, so that so that full removal and replacement can be done within 48 hours anywhere in the world.

Electrical systems are built to cover all regional voltage and frequency requirements and can be based on a single or three phase system to suit the customers equipment. New systems have a voltage range up to 690v to suit new rig requirements. Systems are protected as far as possible from harmful voltage transients using isolation transformers and reduced electronic controls and circuitry such as PCBs. Again reliability is the main driver of the design and current research and development is ongoing with regard to power conditioning using alternators and filters.

Full installation services are available for client supplied or specified equipment. Specialist Services prefers to provide a full turn-key product including all printers, sensor cables with adaptors and reels, computer and network cabling, logos etc. Each major customer is also issued with a master-key system to enable easy access and control of units worldwide.

Non-rated units for land use are also available either custom built shells or converted containers. Zone 1 Offices and Laboratories are available for Hire

Mudlogging Units

In addition to the above these units are installed with chemical resistant surface, a full chemical cupboard with extraction, an oven for sample drying and a plumbing system with sink.

Wireline Modules, Trailers and Trucks

Full module, power pack and winch systems are provided either refurbished or new build. The product range includes skid mounted, container installed and truck or trailer mounted. Design of the system is provided by the client and design of the module with full fabrication, testing and certification of power pack, winch skid and module then done by Specialist Services. Ancillary items such as crane systems for onshore slickline operations can be provided on request.

Drillers Control Rooms and Doghouses

Our scope includes a full design review of the existing rig with proposed design of module worked out with the clients input. Units are either fitted fully with Ex equipment and pressurised cabinets or are pressurised overall. Modules are built as permanent installations or are removable and in some cases retractable or split modules.


A full service of review, refurbishment and re-certification is provided for units that need overhauling. Subject to existing certificates being provided modules can be brought back to new and upgraded with new systems.

A60 Accommodation (SOLAS)

Purchased units can be built to a customers specific requirements and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Regulations. All modules have a minimum A Class Fire Wall, Roof and Deck and include Fire Detection and Prevention Systems with alarm connections back to the main panel system of the rig. Layouts are designed in-house to the customer requirements. Bathrooms are incorporated using

See Accommodation Unit Layouts

Specialist Services Lloyds certified Fire Rated Bathroom modules

Our standard range of modules are housed in custom made ISO 20’ Containers and come in a range of layouts – available upon request. Specialist Services also has an extensive range of Hire Units available for immediate hire from stock.

Electrical And Instrumentation Rooms

Designed to incorporate control equipment including switchgear and transformers these modules can be for Offshore or Onshore. Specifications vary dependent upon usage (down hole pumps, VSDs, acid injection etc) and location. Full design of cable routing, HVAC and electrical connections are done in-house. Please consult with a Specialist Services representative with your equipment specifications for more details on options available such as sizes, walling, flooring, skids etc


Various types of workshop designs and specifications are available. From complete Services and Maintenance Base Complexes including breakout machines, nuclear calibration and wash bays to small converted 10’ containers used for site maintenance of tools with storage racks and G vice.

Converted Container

For a speedy and cheaper solution existing ISO Containers can be lined out with paneling and converted to a clients requirement for offices or workshops. A large number of designs are available upon contact with our representatives.

  • Architectural outfitting
  • Blast doors
  • Blast walls
  • Control shelters
  • Equipment shelters
  • Fire doors
  • Fire walls
  • Fire windows
  • GRP bathrooms
  • Living quarters
  • MWD
  • Mobile homes
  • Mudlogging labs
  • Noise enclosures
  • Oilfield camps
  • Recruitment services
  • Ship repair
  • Ships doors
  • Ships windows
  • Trailer units