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"We understand and know how to manage local challenges."

Our Values

Safety First

We have an Outstanding Proven Leadership in Health, Safety, Security, Environmental, and Compliance. We ensure that all our personnel are competent and certified in every aspect of their work. We believe that a competent workforce is critical to the success of each and every project.

Customer Commitment

Our personnel are competently trained and ready to implement and manage the latest technologies and operations procedures necessary to safely and efficiently tackle the most challenging of projects.

We have over 20 years experience in the Gulf of Thailand, including the successful day-to-day management and operation of the largest and most comprehensive O & M Onshore & Offshore contract in the Gulf of Thailand. Through the above, BES has the ability to meet any O & M challenge arising in the Gulf of Thailand and beyond.

Valuing People

BES sets the standard in the Gulf of Thailand for Employee Benefits and Company Programmes, such as our Safety Committee, Welfare Committee, Family Crisis Programme, and the Annual Family Day Event.

Open and Honest Communication

BES has an excellent history of open & honest communication with both employees and clients, which creates and maintains a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship for all concerned.


BES takes pride in leading the way in the Gulf of Thailand and SE Asia in every aspect of teamwork, whether at the head office, or with our clients both onshore and offshore, with dynamic and fast-paced communication, feedback and training taking place on a daily basis


BES, a well-established Thai company in the Oil and Gas industry, is seeking capable, energetic and
highly motivated professional staff with good co-ordination and communication skills for its operation of
Oil & Gas production facilities located in the Gulf of Thailand.

To Work in Thailand in the Oil & Gas sector contact BES in Bangkok, Thailand. 
For jobs Onshore & Offshore in Thailand. Attractive compensation package, including benefits, will be offered to 
the successful

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Provision of Cleaning and Facilities management services.

Offshore Maintenance (Organic) Manpower Supply.

Provision of Manpower for Offshore Well Operation Service

Provision of Supervisory Services in support Offshore Well Services operations.

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